Fight sports training is now becoming an ever more popular way of keeping fit. In a more challenging and enjoyable environment than just jogging round the park or lifting weights, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing based fitness classes are booming all over the world where the emphasis is firmly on losing some pounds rather than pounding out your opponent. Love it or hate it the trend has definitely out lived any form, fad or craze.

There’s no doubt the style of training combat athletes go through for fight preparation will benefit anyone wanting to get into shape. The added bonus of it being fun is something the fitness industry is exploiting, however we thought we’d chip in some valuable professional knowledge for anyone who’s currently involved or thinking about giving it a try!

  1.  Pounding a bag with poor gloves or equipment almost certainly will cause you some damage sooner or later so investing in a decent set of gloves and wraps will be worthwhile no matter what level you set out to do.
  2. Boxing can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session which beats many other popular forms of Fitness based weight loss programs hands down and gives benefits to core strength, agility, coordination and even stress relief!
  3. Wrapping your hands properly might seem like a chore but many professional fighters got injuries early in their careers before they learned the value of a good wrap!
  4. You are likely to hit a bag many more times in a fitness class than if you were training in a more fight orientated class or gym – meaning you are likely to go through some equipment quicker than professionals if you are training regularly.
  5. If you are training in a fitness based session and enjoying it, consider trying a “Real” class even if its just for a contrast in what you learn. Improvements in technique will almost certainly reduce your injury risks!