Its a debate that’s gone on for a long time. And although the science of many a researcher always shows athletic benefits in a sports area so full of multi level skill, mental preparation and experience, the question of whether spending a good chunk of available training time doing weights, running and improving athletic performance actually improves your win rate still rages in the combat sports gyms of the world.  We ask some top coaches on their opinion of what the ratio really should be.

Chris Stolzman
Owner, Easton BJJ – Castle Rock Co – USA
I think strength and conditioning training is critical to achieve optimal performance for any pro athlete and we incorporate some level of strength and conditioning into all of our skills based martial arts training and usually do stand alone strength and conditioning two to three times a week.  
Colin Byrne
Owner, Shinobi Academy: School of Mixed Martial Arts – Lagos – Portugal
It depends if you want to compete or not. If you want to compete at a good level, you will need a good engine. Skills pay the bills, but if your cardio is bad , you will get caught out. If you want to increase VO2 max and your anaerobic threshold, you must train specifically for that to complement your martial arts training. Interval training, specifically tailored for your event is the best way to do this.